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CONWAY, Ark. — During the COVID-19 pandemic we told you about all the school closures, but there are some students who are stuck in a bind now that schools have closed.

Many international students don’t have a way back home because of travel bans. 

March 29th is the day the University of Central Arkansas decided to close most of their campus.

That’s also the same day that this campus became a temporary home for international students, a piece of serenity and silence, is what you get when you walk around UCA.

“People can’t go out like you just have to stay where you are basically,” said Tomi Olaoye “I was like what, like I, I don’t have anywhere to go, like why would they close campus,”

Oloaye is an international student from Nigeria with no way home.

“In my mind I was like I think I’m going to be safer if I just stay on campus, like it’s better for me than actually risking my life to travel out,” said Tomi Olaoye.

She’s been in the states since august 2018, that’s when she started her studies at UCA’s nursing school.

She says she’s been taking it one day at a time.

“Calling my family, one, trying to be productive everyday too, and I listen to music which is amazing,” said Tomi Olaoye 

Olaoye isn’t the only one, according to university spokesperson Amanda Ho.

427 other international students were approved to stay on campus because they have nowhere else to go.

For now Olaoye and her family feel like she’s in good hands.

“we are at peace that she’s out there, in safer hands than ours… also we speak like everyday.” said Dele Olaoye

With no clear end in sight; the university will still house students until the end of the semester. Meanwhile  Olaoye says she’s working on getting a new passport. 

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