Investigation Underway After Benton Panther Vandalized

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BENTON, Ark. – The Benton Police Department is investigating vandalism on the Benton High School campus. A campus mascot was spray painted and super glued. 
The superintendent says it happened sometime over the weekend. Police tell us the investigation is still underway and they can’t say at this point who did it. 
On Monday morning the Benton School District superintendent says they started the work week with something they did not want to see. Their prized Benton Panther statue was vandalized. 
“I think some things are okay, like simple things, but something done to the panther, it is vandalism,” said Benton High School junior Joshua Allbritton. 
Allbritton says it’s been the talk of school. Someone spray painted the panther and etched into the $30,000 statue. 
At this point, there still an investigation underway. The superintendent says the Benton Police Department is going through security footage and can’t say who the perpetrator was. 
However, there is speculation among students, especially since the Salt Bowl is just days away. 
“Haven’t heard much about it. Just that somebody, I’m guessing Bryant,” said Allbritton. 
Allbritton says last year Bryant students got in trouble for vandalizing the panther before the Salt Bowl. He says students put an inappropriate object on it. 
“They actually posted an Instagram picture of it so they got in trouble for that,” he said. 
He says it may be fun and games to some until police get involved. 
“Getting in trouble with the law at this age, or at any age really, is just kind of dumb,” said Allbritton. 
The superintendent says crews power washed some of the spray paint off Tuesday. The person that constructed it will come out next week to put a price tag on the damage done. 

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