HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A quick decision by a Hot Springs city bus driver saved the life of a Texas woman over the weekend.

Hot Springs Intracity Transit Driver Michelle Ramon put her training into action on Saturday and was able to avoid what would otherwise be a tragedy without her quick actions, city officials said.

Ramon said she has been a bus driver with the company for two years and never thought she would experience anything like this.

Dash camera footage released by the transit service showed an unidentified bike rider and passenger traveling along Albert Pike Boulevard when the bike quickly veered from the left to the right lane, causing the passenger to fall from the bike into the direct line of the city bus.

“It was scary because I didn’t think I had enough stopping distance. She fell off the bike and was laying across my lane and I had nowhere to go,” Ramon described. “Then I hit the brakes as hard as I could praying that I could stop in time and it was all in a split second.”

Ramon was able to safely stop the bus and radio for medical assistance.

“I think it was God and him giving me the fast reflexes on the breaks,” Ramon said. “I hate to think about it but just a split second of me not reacting in time and she would have been under the bus.”

Hot Springs City Manager Bill Burrough said that her quick action and decisions ensured not only the safety of the bus riders, but also the motorcycle passenger.

Ramon said for other drivers she suggests “using turn signals, pay attention to the road conditions and pay attention to the cars or motorcycles around you.”

According to city officials, the motorcycle passenger was taken to CHI St. Vincent Hospital to be treated and was later released.

The incident is still under investigation with the Hot Springs Police Department.