GARLAND COUNTY, Ark. – Symbols of service and sacrifice were stolen from an American hero’s gravesite in Garland County.

Seal Team Six member and Hot Springs native, Adam Brown was killed in Action more than ten years ago.

This week, his family noticed challenge coins and other trinkets were taken from his headstone.

From the bald eagle to the American flags, everything surrounding Adam Brown’s headstone is a testament to his service. For more than a decade, his gravesite has sat undisturbed until now.

“It’s a peaceful place. We just want that peace to return,” Brown family friend Will Stevens said.

Stevens created an underwater memorial in Adam’s honor. This week, he got a call that some of the items at his resting place on land had been stolen.

“Was a little upset, very disappointed, sad,” Stevens said.

Challenge coins from fellow men and women in uniform were among some of the items taken.

“It’s important to military members. It’s a way to show honor and respect. You can take the coins, but you can’t stop Adam’s legacy,” Stevens said.

As he started to think about who would do this, he remembered that legacy includes a part that was less than perfect too.

“Your mistakes that you make don’t have to define you,” Stevens said.

From conquering drug addiction to become one of the most elite members of the United States military and dying a war hero, Adam’s story proves there is a road to redemption.

“People from all over the world send us messages and send the family messages about how Adam’s story has helped them turn their life around,” Stevens said.

While he was out at Adam’s grave, he placed a new token of appreciation.

“This is my own very personal coin from the Fearless Rock Underwater Memorial. This is one of the only coins I still have left,” Stevens said.

He said it’s not too late for the thieves to do the same.

“Do the right thing, that’s all we ask,” Stevens said.

If someone would like to return the items stolen, they can call or text Stevens at (501) 744-7422. He understands people make mistakes and just wants the coins returned. He said you can even do it anonymously.