LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It was a jam-packed community meeting tonight for Ward 6 in Little Rock, with locals bringing up issues for more than an hour that they would like to see fixed.

The concerns varied from complaints about speeding and drainage issues in Ward 6 to crime. Just this weekend, there was a homicide on John Barrow Road, which is in Ward 6.

The city director said all of the complaints are things they are working on, but her opponent said otherwise.

The original point of the meeting was to discuss how to use the money Ward 6 is getting from a bond that was approved last October — with streets, drainage and parks being the main concerns.

But, for more than an hour, residents brought up issues they are seeing… asking why they are seeing no changes.

Some said these issues with safety and crime are not issues you would see in other parts of town, and they feel neglected.

City Director Doris Wright said she is listening to residents and working on their behalf, but the community meeting tonight also set the stage for a political scene.

“I don’t care what you heard tonight,” Wright said. “Nobody else that is in my position could have done any more than what I have done.”

Wright’s opponent, Andrea Lewis, said she feels the meeting Monday night revealed a lack of communication in Ward 6 and showed a need for more meetings.

“I just feel like they need new fresh perspective, change to really get some of these issues brought to the forefront,” Lewis said.

Wright acknowledged this is one of the few public meetings because it required input from residents, but said she is willing to attend any meeting that she is informed about.

Residents in the area have until the end of the month to submit their requests for improvements that can be done with bond money received.