JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ark. – The Jefferson County Sheriff said after originally reporting a lack of funds to feed adult jail detainees, more money is being made available by the county.

“I think you all putting a spotlight, highlighting the issues is what really caused him to even do anything,” said Sheriff Lafayette Woods.

The Sheriff said officials came to somewhat of a resolution Monday night in a special meeting with the Quorum Court and County Judge.

“The budget… a large part of it for any county, is public safety specifically jail operations,” Woods said. “It’s a necessary evil.”

Woods said the court voted to use money from unused salaries to go towards caring for the detainees in the adult jail – where money was originally lacking.

“It basically just solved the immediate need,” Woods said.

Woods said while he is relieved that he will be able to provide immediate relief to the jail, he is concerned this is a short-term solution to a long-term problem.

“Instead of a supplemental appropriation that would add to the bottom line, I thought it was a good idea for us to just transfer the money within since that money was going to be available at the end of the year anyway,” said County Judge Gerald Robinson.

Robinson said this was financially the wisest route for providing more money, while Woods argued there was still plenty of money left in appropriations.

Woods said he also offered more money than what was provided Monday night for cushion.

“I left it up to them to think about transferring more,” he said.

Aside from where the new money is coming from now, Sheriff Woods said he filed a lawsuit against Judge Robinson and the Quorum Court over the original lack of funds, and that lawsuit still stands.

A hearing is set to happen within a few weeks, according to Woods.