JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ark. – Halloween candy is bringing some not-so-sweet concerns across the country this year.

Law enforcement agencies are warning parents to be cautious about the potential of fentanyl in their kid’s candy.

Jefferson County Sheriff Lafayette Woods encourages families to go to public events if possible, like trunk-or-treat events or fall festivals.

He also advises you to check your kid’s candy, as some can be disguised as rainbow fentanyl that might look similar to certain candies.

“Obviously, we don’t want to destroy the tradition of trick or treating going out for Halloween we just want to bring awareness to it,” Woods said.

Sheriff Woods said it is certainly not all bad news, this is just something to have in the back of your mind as parents monitor where their kids go, and also check their candy.

He adds that parents certainly can take their kids door-to-door to trick-or-treat, just make sure it’s in neighborhoods they are familiar with and trust.