JEFFERSON CO, Ark. – Flames sparked on Rayhan Road Wednesday, not far from where a fire on Monday occurred on Ramick Road. This marks the third Jefferson County fire in three days.

Fire crews responded to Rayhan Road at around 1 p.m. to make plow lines to control the wildfire. They left the scene around 5 p.m. as they said the fire was under control, but they’ll be patrolling constantly as there will be a risk of the fire rekindling for the next three or four days.

Arkansas Forester Joe Fox says the smoldering smoke caught wind at around noon near Rayhan Road, forcing fire crews to issue a voluntary evacuation.

Although Jefferson County is under a burn ban, Fox says there’s a chance the fires were likely started from someone burning their trash

Fox says they haven’t begun an investigation yet, so they are unsure of the cause at this time.

“It’s kind of a scary thought to think you may lose everything,” said Mary Coburn, who lives on Rayhan Road and decided not to evacuate.

Coburn says on Monday she packed her car with valuables just in case she decided to leave. Tuesday, she unloaded, but on Wednesday she started to pack again as smoke filled her street.

“I think I’m going to leave it loaded this time for a few days,” Coburn says.

Fox added that, since 2011, this is the biggest fire year Arkansas has had with about 1,500 fires and about 31-thousand acres burned so far in 2022.