Jefferson County residents upset after several storage unit break-ins

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PINE BLUFF, Ark. — People who have storage units in Jefferson County said they continue to have break-ins and now they’re speaking up about it.

Several police reports have been filed this month about stolen items and break-ins and the people who spoke said it’s at the point where they’re moving out and want to alert others.

“It’s very upsetting,” Pine Bluff man who had unit broken into, Danny Walker said. “like that light up there I’ve talked to them for two years to get a light up there, and then now this happens… it’s sad.” 

Danny Walker expresses his frustrations as he takes another look at his storage unit after it was broken into.

“They broke the steering column and was trying to hot wire it and that to no evade,” Walker said.

He also said they left the stuff they used to break in with too. Walker said dozens of reports were made with Pine Bluff Police on May 1st. 

“The police department was out here all day constantly taking reports,” Walker.

Another man approached his unit and said stuff was stolen the same day out of his unit. 

According to police reports, a car was stolen, the front office was ransacked, TV’s stolen, a surround sound system, and medication were all taken out of different RV’s. One person reported a washer and dryer and an AC unit stolen. 

Walker said this isn’t the first time this has happened at Red Dot Storage.

“They have had a hundred and something break-ins since last year,” Walker said.

Wednesday, you could still see broken glass, fences cut and locks broken in several different units.

FOX16 reached out to the storage company but haven’t heard anything back yet, neither has Walker. He said he wants something to be done before the thieves come back. 

“You try to contact customer service,” Walker said. “The cooperate office will not give you a phone number.”

FOX16 also reached out to Pine Bluff Police for a total number of reports that have been filed at the storage unit but we haven’t heard anything back yet.

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