LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Little Rock doctors are advising parents to be mindful of time spent outside as triple digits continue in Central Arkansas.

“We look for shade most definitely,” said Kyundra Braggs.

Braggs and her friend Joslynn Young were out for a walk with their kids Friday afternoon. Their time though, they said was limited, as temperatures creep up.

“The most I will let them be out depending on the weather is probably about 30 minutes,” said Braggs.

Kids inevitably want to be outside and blow off some steam, but Doctor Morgan Horn says it’s important to keep track of how hot they’re getting.

“A lot of the times they’re not going to communicate with you that I’m feeling dizzy or I’m feeling sick to my stomach,” said Horn.

Horn says it’s important to look for warning signs that a child is becoming dehydrated.

“Look at the condition of their skin, whether they’re getting really red in the face,” said Horn. “Are they still sweating? Are they getting cold and clammy?”

Horn says splash pads and pools will be the best way to spend the says as playgrounds sit empty.

“You want to really be aware of the surfaces that your kid is going to be touching and playing on,” said Horn.

At lunchtime, temperatures on slides reached 131 degrees and the flooring of the playground was 161 degrees.

“I don’t remember it being this hot,” said Joslynn Young.

Dr. Horn says it’s best to stay inside during the hottest part of the day 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.