Key Opens Wrong Car in Parking Lot, Mix-up Leaves Woman without Dog

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HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – A Hot Springs woman was frantic when she thought someone stole her dog from a Walmart parking lot.

Victoria Meyers notified employees, even police, but it turned out to be a big misunderstanding: a fluke with her car. 
“It’s kind of a weird and complicated story,” Meyers said. 
The story began with a trip to Walmart. Meyers shopped inside while her dog waited in the car. 
“We were just putting stuff in the car and it was dark,” Meyers said. “I expected Coco to be coming up to me. I’m going, ‘Coco! Coco!,’ and she’s not answering. But it was cold.”
Assuming Coco was just being quiet, Meyers started to drive off but quickly realized her dog wasn’t in the car. 
“So that’s when everything went crazy,” she said. 
Meyers ran inside Walmart for help.
“Oh my gosh, I was so worried,” she said. “I didn’t know if she was out here running around in the cold. I didn’t know if someone had taken her.”
Meyers called police and had to wait until the next day to see what Walmart’s security footage showed. 
“The manager told me, ‘We finally looked at the tapes and it turns out a woman with a car exactly like yours was parked right next to you,'” Meyers said. 
The woman somehow unlocked Meyers’ 2002 Chevy Blazer, mistaking it for her own. 
“She, I guess, freaked out and started yelling, ‘There’s a dog in my car!,'” Meyers said. 
Coco bolted and so did the woman in her own car. 
A Walmart employee eventually caught Coco and helped her reunite with Meyers the next day. 
“Grateful to him for making sure she was ok,” Meyers said. 
The missing dog case is closed, but Meyers still can’t explain how the woman opened her car. 
“Please just look a little more carefully and for gosh sakes, if you let somebody’s dog out, put it back if you can!,” Meyers said. “That was crazy to just drive a way and say, ‘I don’t care. It’s not my dog.'”
Meyers said she’s too scared to leave Coco in the car now so she’s been taking her into Walmart with her. 

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