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Kidnapping Victim Pushed from I-430 Bridge into AR River, Survives

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A Lonoke County kidnapping victim was thrown off a Little Rock interstate moments after witnessing a deadly shooting.  

Early Christmas morning police say a woman, 42, was thrown off Interstate 430 and into the Arkansas River. 

Authorities say the woman swam to shore and started screaming for help, and that is when Little Rock Police responded. 

Lonoke County Deputies say the woman was kidnapped after she witnessed two men being shot at a home on Johnson Road in Scott.  

One of the shooting victims, Arlin Wayne Nugent, 49, died before deputies could get to the home. Another man was shot and has serious injuries. 

Authorities say two men stormed the home and started shooting. 

A formed neighbor of the kidnapping victim said she is a nice person who was trying to clean up their neighborhood about a year ago. 

“I told her I appreciated her trying to build her yard up because anything she improves in her yard helps the neighborhood,” says Kidnapping Victim's Former Neighbor Ronnie Fink.

While Lonoke County Deputies are searching for a second suspect, they have only made one arrest. 

Richard Gilliam, 33, is facing Capital Murder, Kidnapping, Attempt to Commit Capital Murder and Aggravated Residential Burglary. Lonoke County Prosecutor's Office is seeking the death row for Gilliam. 

The woman was taken to the hospital where she was treated for Hypothermia. 


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