Lake Conway homeowners battle rising floodwaters

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MAYFLOWER, Ark. – Some homeowners in Faulkner County are fearing what the coming days will bring as water rises quickly from Lake Conway.

We had a crew in Mayflower on Wednesday to take a look around. They found streets that were dry earlier in the day with water beginning to pour over them a short time later.

“It’s moving really fast,” says Sheila Sowell, who lives on Lake Conway.

A trampoline going under and a boat docked close to it is what you will find at Sowell’s home.

“We really weren’t expecting it to get as bad as they were saying. We thought they had kind of missed it,” she says.

Their waterfront property is now a swampy mess as the waters from the Arkansas River push into Lake Conway where they’re expected to continue rising for the next week.

“We are just playing it day by day and seeing what happens,” Sowell continues.

On the other side of the lake, Charlie Dulac shows us how he is trying to control the rising waters.

“I put the sandbags over here hoping to keep the debris out and if it pours through I hope it will stop at my hot tub,” he explains.

Dulac says he has seen flooding on his property but is still amazed by what he saw over just a two-hour period.

“You see the top of that door? It came up almost a foot this morning,” says the homeowner.

Both lakefront property owners told us their biggest concerns are in the days to come, especially with an unpredictable forecast looming. 

“We are just praying that they are right and praying that God will hold the rain off. Just hoping for the best and praying for the best,” Sowell adds.

Lake levels are expected to continue to rise over the next week and officials are encouraging people to get out if they are in a flood-prone area on the lake.

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