LAKE HAMILTON, Ark – Senior nights for high school athletes are always special but this year’s for the Lake Hamilton Basketball team was one to remember.

Senior Andy Tolleson tossed in his “team manager” shirt for the night and suited up with the rest of the team for a chance on the court.

“I felt nervous at first,” said senior Andy Tolleson.

Tolleson has been the team manager for the basketball team for four years, getting water, towels and keeping score for the team.

“He loves the game so to see him so dedicated to the team so to be able to support him in doing that is kind of like a parent’s dream,” said Andy’s mother Rebekah Tolleson.

Tuesday was the team’s senior night. Lake Hamilton Basketball Head Coach Scotty Pennington says he only has four seniors on the team, and with five spots open, there was room for one more player.

“It just popped into my head, ‘You know what would be neat? We could dress Andy out’ and he could be the fifth one,” Pennington said.

Tolleson has special needs.

He’s never gotten the chance to play under the Lake Hamilton scoreboard which made the last minutes of the game, that much more special.

Tolleson was put on the court. Both teams cheered the senior on as he scored three 3-point shots to end the game.

“It makes you want to cry, to see your boy be treated in such a loving way,” Rebekah Tolleson said.

Tolleson rose to the occasion, scoring some major points at the end of the game that helped the wolves come out on top.

For this athlete though, being on the court and celebrating with his other family was more important than the victory.

“I felt like I could pursue my dreams,” Tolleson said.

Tolleson will graduate in the spring but he says next year he might just be back on the sidelines, managing the team.