Lawyers for Quake Lewellyn ask to drive truck thought to be involved in kidnapping, death of Sydney Sutherland

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ark. – Lawyers defending a man accused of kidnapping, raping and killing a Jackson County woman are asking a judge to test drive evidence.

Quake Lewellyn’s attorney filed a motion requesting Lewellyn’s truck, which is currently in the possession of law enforcement, be test-driven by an expert hired by the defense team.

In order to do this, the attorneys asked that the tires be reinstalled on the truck.

They are also asking for permission to test drive the truck at the location where deputies say Sydney Sutherland was last seen, on Jackson County Road 41.

The attorney further requested that the determinations of the expert by considered privileged unless the driver becomes a defense witness.

Sutherland’s body was found last year days after disappearing while she was on a run.

A judge has not made a decision on the motion, one of dozens Lewellyn’s attorneys have filed ahead of the expected trial this fall.

Lewellyn is facing charges of capital murder, kidnapping, rape and abuse of a corpse in the case.

Prosecutor Ryan Cooper has said he is not waiving the death penalty in the case, telling FOX 16 News that he was “absolutely” pursuing that option.

Lewellyn’s defense team has requested the death penalty be excluded as a sentencing option and that their client’s trial be held in a different venue.

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