PULASKI COUNTY, Ark. — A new and potentially life saving device is being made in honor of realtor Beverly Carter who was murdered five years ago.

Hidden panic buttons are being made into bracelets, necklaces and keychains, all engraved with the “B” from Carter’s signature.

They’re a discreet way for people to call 911.

“Her legacy is out there and saving people,” said her son Carl Carter.

Carl Carter believes a subtle alert might have saved his mom. Carter had gone on a house showing, not knowing the couple she met there had other plans. They kidnapped Carter then murdered her.

“I think about my sweet mom and I think could this have helped her? I think absolutely it could have,” Carl Carter said. “We didn’t start the process of trying to find her until a couple of hours, so it would have really closed that gap.”

The device is made by invisaWear. It sends a warning message to designated emergency contacts along with an exact location. It also can connect to the nearest emergency dispatcher.

“As technology evolves we are evolving with it,” said Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office Communication Specialist, Mitch McCoy.

McCoy calls it another way to let people connect with help, and works in conjunction with the technology their call center already has in place.

“It obviously gives us more resources to not only respond to the help or make sure we get there in a timely fashion,” McCoy said.

It’s a reassuring feeling for not only Carl Carter, but countless other realtors, all thanks to his mom.

Carter hasn’t had to use his, but says he’s heard from several other realtors who used the alerts during an open house where they felt unsafe.

Part of the sale of each of the devices goes back to the Beverly Carter Foundation.

You can find more information about the devices here.