Litter Season Overcrowding Animal Shelter

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Little Rock, Ark. — You won’t see any empty cages inside the Little Rock Animal Village. The facility is over capacity. 
Dozens of animals now call the facility home.

“And as of today this week they’ve taken in 51 dogs and 31 cats,” said Betsy Robe. She’s president or the friends of the animal village.

A lot of animals to take care of. Officials says most people are surrendering their pets.

“We are starting to see the affects of puppy and kitten season now, Robe said, “Which is the time of the year when a lot of liters are born.”

She says it is putting a strain on resources.
“It’s not fun for the staff I mean they work so hard, they work their tails off, excuse the pun, trying to find homes for everybody and make sure they are healthy and well taken care off.”

Betsy robe told us there is one way to stop the problem.
“People need to sterilize their pets spay and neuter. As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as an oops litter because if you didn’t have your pets sterilized that’s the inevitable conclusion.”

For now Robe and the Little Rock Animal Village relying on volunteers to help out.
“They help a lot with the mental health of all the animals here because if you put a dog in a kennel and they don’t come out then they will deteriorate mentally anybody would it would make you crazy.”

Starting Tuesday through Thursday the facility will be sponsoring pet adoptions. You won’t have to pay the $90 to take a furry friend home. Any strays have to stay at the shelter one week before they can be adopted.

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