LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Little Rock advocacy group is working to keep unsheltered Arkansans safe from the extreme temperatures this week. 

Aaron Reddin is the Executive Director of The Van, a group that does outreach work for the homeless community in central Arkansas. He spent Thursday delivering ice to six camps in the city.

“This lets them keep food cool and drinks cool,” Reddin said. “It’s a part of our mission.”

Reddin said unsheltered Arkansans face added challenges in the heat. A man died in North Little Rock last month in a heat-related incident, Reddin said, and he wants to prevent more.

“You’ve got a few finite resources, but you’re just sweating nonstop,” Reddin said. “So, staying hydrated is just a constant chore.”

Reddin said bug spray and coolers are both needed. People can drop them off at 4500 61st Street in Little Rock or in other spots listed here.

“Any sizes would be a big help,” Reddin said.

Reddin said the work will continue for the rest of the week as temperatures are expected to increase.

“We’re just trying to help people stay cool,” Reddin said.