Little Rock attorney says bullet came through office wall, police investigating armed robbery

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Imagine finishing up the workday and being interrupted by a bullet flying overhead. That’s what happened to one attorney working off South Shackleford Road in Little Rock when live ammunition shot through his office wall. 

Little Rock police say they were in the area of 800 S Shackleford investigating what came in as a carjacking.

According to LRPD, a man was robbed at gunpoint, the caller saying his phone and wallet were also taken. 

But a businessman working in a nearby office building ready to head home was unexpectedly involved in the incident when a gunshot rocketed through his wall. 

Little Rock attorney Dave Walker said Monday was shaping out to be a normal day. 

“I was just wrapping up my day in the middle of a phone call with one of my associates in Denver,” Walker explained.

He was sitting at his desk taking the 5:20 call when he was interrupted by a sudden loud noise – so loud, the person on the phone could also hear the bang.

“I heard a loud bang and had a lot of drywall and wood chips fall all over me,” Walker remembered. “I Immediately thought a pipe had bust in the wall or something like that.”

What was thought to be just the plumbing turned out to be much deadlier; a bullet that whizzed into his office from a neighboring workspace, entering the building through an outside window that smashed with the impact. 

“I glanced up and saw what looked to be a bullet hole in the wall behind me,” said Walker.

But even after noticing the hole mere feet away from where he was sitting, it took investigators searching his office for the danger to sink in.

“They found a portion of the bullet underneath my desk,” Walker explained, with the other half sitting in the office next door. 

“You start thinking and you look and realize what it was,” he said, “…it’s just a little too close for comfort.”

Walker adds that police told him there were other shell casing found on the hillside nearest to Shackleford, an area that had been taped off by detectives a few minutes earlier. But he says he’s just glad this close call didn’t end up closer.

“You just don’t expect to be in danger when you’re sitting at your desk at work,” he said. 

Police say that no one was injured in the gunfire. This is an ongoing investigation. 

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