LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KARK) — The Little Rock Board of Directors will soon consider an ordinance that would place regulations on short-term rentals in the city.

These properties have been mostly self-regulated since becoming popular, with one of the most popular among them being Airbnb.

If passed, the ordinance would implement a number of new regulations, including requiring owners to acquire a business license, pay inspection fees and place a two-person limit for each bedroom.

Stephanie Harris owns an Airbnb in Little Rock.

“We’ve had the chance to sit on the front porch with folks and talk about them, their lives and their families,” Harris said. “They can bring their dogs which is always fun because I’m a big dog person.”

In the short-term rental world, Harris is known as a “super host.” This means guests consistently give her good ratings because of how well she operates.

“It’s not just about making money,” Harris said. “It’s about really promoting the area and helping people.”

Harris said she agrees with the implementation of certain regulations. Of the thousands of Airbnbs across the country, some hosts do not meet what many would deem a livable standard.

“I’m not opposed to regulation,” Harris said. “I don’t generally have a problem with that.”

Harris said some of the proposed regulations seem to be a bit overboard, particularly the two-person limit for each bedroom.

“We have families who come through,” Harris said. “They have their children.”

Harris said some of the rules are good, including the requirement of business licenses. She said she will go along with whatever passes.

“I’ll comply if it passes,” Harris said. “I might complain if it’s unfair.”