Little Rock City Board of Directors approves spending plan for 1% sales tax

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Little Rock City Board of Directors voted Tuesday to approve a $530 million spending plan for the proposed 1% sales tax increase. 

This marks the last debate by city leaders regarding the sales tax. Residents of Little Rock are set to vote in September to approve or deny the proposed sales tax plan in a special-called election. 

In the latest version, $530 million over the course of 10 years will be split among things like general park improvements and maintenance, construction of a new fire station in west Little Rock, and infrastructure improvements. A full rundown of the spending plan can be found HERE 

The resolution including the spending plan was ultimately approved on a 6 to 4 vote. The two other ordinances related to the sales tax, one that outlines the increase and another that calls for the election, were approved in the Board’s last meeting.

Final questions during Tuesday’s meeting included the plans for early childhood education and the Little Rock Fire Department.

Vice-Mayor Lance Hines had earlier pushed to delay the final vote by a week to allow for more residents to share their thoughts, but his motion failed, and the vote was held that day. 

The resolution went through a series of changes before directors agreed on this one, but the final decision on approving the sales tax, and the spending plan, is now in the hands of voters.

The outlining of spending won’t be in its entirety on the ballot, so voters will have to make sure they take a look at the resolution before the special election in September.

Residents will be able to vote to approve or deny the sales tax on September 14th in a special election.

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