LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – For the second time in two weeks, Little Rock City Board members pushed back raising salaries for entry-level police officers in the city. 

The discussions of raising pay come as the city is currently at a record-breaking 75 homicides for the year so far.

Board member Dr. Dean Kumpuris proposed that, considering the high violence in the city right now, members raise the entry-level salary for Little Rock Police Officers from $44,636.80 to $54,000.

“We have the hardest most dangerous city to work in,” Kumpuris said.

Mayor Frank Scott on the other hand — said passing this would get in the way of the Office of Executive Administration’s current negotiations that he is involved in, which also aim to raise salaries for entry-level officers

“We all are already supporting our officers,” the mayor said. “We are funding our officers.”

Kumpuris has pushed back this agenda item until Dec. 20th to give the mayor and Office of Executive Administration time to work out their negotiations.