Little Rock city officials propose regulations for Airbnbs

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Airbnb owners said they are worried that proposed city regulations could close their doors.

As more airbnb’s make their way into Little Rock neighborhoods, the city is drafting rules for the property owners.

On Park Lane in south Little Rock, is a tiny white home that’s a revolving door to about 250 guests a year.

Michael Orndorff, the owner, opened the gates to his Airbnb in 2015, but he said that this draft of regulations on property like his could soon close him down.

“If it’s approved as written they’re essentially going to be putting us out of business,” Orndorff said.

In a nine-page document, the city outlined various rules for short-term rentals

Arkansas hospitality CEO Montine McNulty said with close to 300 airbnb listings in the city limits there is a need for city regulations.

“There’s been tremendous growth in short-term rentals especially in the last year or so,” McNulty said. “They need to have insurance, liability and rules.”

McNulty also said its not just for the airbnb’s but the houses around them are affected as well.

“Loud parties and lots of cars and things like that can be very disruptive to a quiet area of town,” McNulty said.

Some of the requirements include no hosting parties or events, only two guests per room are allowed and owners or managers must be available 24/7. The one that could put Orndorff out of business is that there needs to be off-street parking, one space, per room.

“They just didn’t write it in a way that says I’m here to help,” Orndorff said.

In the draft, the city is also requiring owners pay city taxes.

City officials are having a meeting next Monday to ask for input from the community.

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