Little Rock Compassion Center without air after storm damages

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark – 150 people are living without air conditioning at the Little Rock Compassion Center after a storm pulls three A/C units up from the wires. 

“It took men about 4 days to get them up there and it took the wind about 10 seconds to get them off,” Little Rock Compassion Center CEO Rev. William Holloway said. 

Holloway said he received a call shortly after midnight that possible straight-line winds damaged A/C units on the roof of the center. 

“They said it just sounded like this whole building was fixing to explode,” Holloway said. 

150 men were inside the shelter at the time, and they said the sound was hard to ignore. 

The units never fell off the side of the building, but Holloway says they were being tossed around in the wind. 

After the storm cleared, Holloway was able to walk the halls of the center and assess the damage. 

On top of the A/C issue, there is no electricity at the shelter and some windows were shattered. 

Holloway and his wife opened the center about 20 years ago to help the homeless in the area. 

“You think about how hard you’ve worked to put it together and here in just a matter of minutes it was destroyed,” Holloway said. 

Holloway said it will cost the center thousands to fix, and the electricity is expected to be restored by Monday morning, but the A/C may take a week to fix. 

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