Little Rock crews working hard to clear off roads

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Little Rock street department crews have been out trying to get the roads as safe as possible.

Maceo Brooks has seen his share of snow, but what Little Rock is currently seeing is not normal for him. “Not quite like this, it’s been a minute since it’s been like this,” Brooks said.

Brooks works for Little Rock’s street department and when they saw what was forecast for this week, the fleet of 17 trucks to deal with about 11-hundred miles of streets was ready.

“We are prepared, we got plenty of material, we got vehicles going so we’re pretty much prepared.” Brooks said, “Well as you can see it’s coming down and we’re plowing and pushing it over to the curb and just clearing every street.”

Brooks said many of the main roads in Little Rock are driveable, but still can be treacherous if drivers are not careful.

“The road is not really that slippery because the snow is giving us traction but I’ve seen a few cars spinning around, spinning out, stopping,” Brooks said. “We gonna keep plowing, doing the streets and when I finish my map then I start all over and do it again.  24-7 around the clock til it’s gone, til it’s safe, I’ll put it that way.”

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