Little Rock dog returns home after owner’s vehicle stolen while trapped inside

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A Little Rock woman was devastated when her car was stolen over the weekend with her dog of four years inside.

It’s a nightmare for any pet owner, but this story has a bittersweet ending; while the car has yet to be found, her dog is back home safe – having walked for hours to return to her family. 

“Bandy” is a lovable pup with infectious energy; a dog who’s been overcoming obstacles since she was a puppy, which is how she got her name. 

“She was abandoned on my front porch four years ago,” explained Valarie Abrams, who named the pup “Bandy” after how she was left. 

Abrams loved her from the beginning, creating a tight-knit relationship that, last weekend, almost came to an end.

Saturday night, Abrams had stopped at the EZ Mart on Main Street to grab some milk, with Bandy in the car keeping her company.

“I was parked directly in front of that window, like 6, 7 steps away,” Abrams recalled, keeping the car running so that Bandy was comfortable. 

Abrams says she had just finished paying when a few seconds later, “I turned around to go, and there was an empty lot.”

Thieves had stolen her car from right behind her, with Bandy still inside. Abrams tried to track her phone to see if the car’s location would appear, but nothing worked. She went to bed worrying over her missing friend, checking the backyard every hour. The next morning, she woke up to a familiar scratching at the back door. 

“7:30 that morning, she was out there,” Abrams remembered. 

With swollen paws and a wagging tail, Bandy was back; exhausted, but unharmed. Abrams still doesn’t know how many miles she walked to get home, or where she was dropped off by the thieves. 

She’s grateful her dog is back with her and home safe but asks those in Little Rock to keep an eye out for her still-missing car and take a message to heart: “look around at your surroundings before you do anything because they’re out there watching you and you don’t even know it.”

Abrams describes her car as a dark gray, 2000 Toyota Camry with four doors, tinted windows, and a sunroof. There should be a small dent in the back passenger-side door and the vehicle might still have the license plate “VABRAMS”.

If you see that car, call Little Rock Police.

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