LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – When you think of presents getting delivered on Christmas you may imagine a sleigh and reindeer, but in Little Rock, Santa’s drove something different Thursday morning.

For a number of foster families and kids in the Department of Human Services, the ring of sleigh bells has been replaced with fire trucks!

The event is part of the annual Little Rock Fire Department Toy Drive, with all the dropped off presents getting paraded from the fire house to the Pulaski county DHS office.

For those tasked with making the important deliveries, it’s a tradition they look forward to each year.

Little Rock Fire Department Capt. Doug Coffman said that it means a lot to them getting to help children this time of the year.

“It means a lot to our organization, certainly the fire department is always proud to work with outside organizations, especially when children can be helped and especially at this time of year,” Coffman said.

The parade also featured a band of singers greeting the presents at the door.

Donations were collected at local Walmart stores and will be handed out to families in need later this month.