LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Little Rock Fire Department along with Little Rock Police are investigating arson in the capital city.

It happened late Friday night in the area of 1900 Allis Street. The woman who was displaced is now sharing her story. 

The woman who lived in the home said she moved there in January, and now she can’t believe it when she looks at what’s next, she’s still trying to wrap her mind around what happened.

“I didn’t deserve this,” woman displaced, Felicia Young said. “I didn’t deserve to get beat.”

As Young looks at her home now in ruins, she gets emotional.

“I get angry, I’m sad because I’m homeless,” Young said.

Young said an argument started when she told her ex-boyfriend and his friend they couldn’t stay the night at her place.

“He told me if he can’t stay in my house nobody could stay there. B**** I will kill you, those were his exact words,” Young said. 

She said that’s when the friend got upset. She said they both left shortly after but then the friend came back and started trouble.

“He came in the house and literally, literally started jumping on me. Beat me, so I had to defend myself.”

Young said she was able to fight him off and clean herself up but then it escalated.

“I come out the room to put on some clothes, bam, he bust my window out first,” Young said. 

So then she said she tried to run to a house nearby for help and by the time she looks back her house is on fire.

“I said, he done set my house on fire,” Young said she yelled. “Somebody help me, he done set my house on fire.”

Now Young is forced to walk away empty-handed but she’s thankful for her life.

“I could’ve been dead,” Young said.

Little Rock Fire said Red Cross was called in but Young said she never received help from them. In the meantime, Young said she wants to see the man responsible arrested. LRPD is still investigating.