LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Most of us grew up reciting the pledge of allegiance at school. Now, it only seems appropriate to do it on Flag day.

“Whenever there’s something discerning Americans come together under the flag, and they start waving the flag,” President of Kerry McCoy said.

During this holiday it’s another reminder of our country’s flag’s importance.

“Flag day is about patriotism,” McCoy said. “Talking about what patriots we are and everyone coming together as one as great citizens of the United States of America.”

McCoy has been selling flags in Arkansas for over 40 years and it’s now a tradition for people to come by the store and pick up a free American flag. She says that there’s normally a theme on who comes to pick up free flags.

“Every day veterans pick up flags,” McCoy said. “They’re my best customers! All the time they’re picking up flags haha.”

However, for others that didn’t serve, they come by 800 west 9th street to pick up flags for other reasons.

“I’m picking up a couple of flags to take out to the cemetery for my father and my grandfather,” Karla Robinson said.

Flag day is sometimes overlooked, but for Karla, it’s one of the most important days of the year.

“I lost my father and my grandfather both on flag day,” Karla Robinson. “This is my way of honoring them and recognizing they’re both veterans. So, it plays an important role in my life.”