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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As we approach the new school year families in Arkansas are exploring other options than in-class learning. There is a growing trend called “Learning Pods.”

It’s made up of small groups, similar aged kids learning together and socializing at home.

Chelsea Hudspeth is a mom of three. She is one of many in Little Rock that is creating a learning pod.

“We have a baseline plan but we recognize that we kind of need to be flexible and fluid with how it’s going to work,” Chelsea said.

During the coronavirus pandemic, this is a way for many families to choose staying at home and reduce the risk of virus spread. It also allows parents who have to work during the day another option than sending their kids back to the classroom.

Natalie Baber created an online forum where families can organize their own learning pods.

“I created a group as a place for us to be able to get together and brainstorm,” Natalie said. “This is a safety thing that could be a matter of life or death and people need to have a choice.”

For Chelsea, she’s based in Southwest Little Rock. She is trying to help other families in her area set this up. Natalie says they have been raising money to allow families they may not have the means to be a part of a learning pod have the same opportunities.

“A lot of people who can are trying to donate money so we can extend to families that might not know about pods because they don’t know to even look into the option,” Natalie said.

It’s just another way to create a safe learning environment during an unprecedented time.

“Everybody’s learning is going to be different. There’s no set formula for learning pods, it’s going to be what works best within your community,” Chelsea said.

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