LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Little Rock march Saturday highlighted the number of Black women and girls murdered each year in America. The event also gave Black entrepreneurs a chance to sell their wares.

The “March for Black Women and Girls” was started in 2021 by the T.U.R.N. Project, and founder Coffy Davis said the mission is the same in year two.

“I started to notice that there was an awful lot of murders of Black women and girls going on, and it seemed to be unnoticed,” Davis said. “We wanted to bring awareness to that but also shine a light on positive things in the community going on with Black women.”

FBI statistics show at least four Black women are killed in America each day. Davis said their names are often forgotten. Saturday’s event, which started at 10 a.m. on Arkansas Baptist College’s campus, gave attendees a chance to reflect on those lost in Arkansas.

“We are important, we are needed in this community and the community values us,” Davis said.

Entrepreneurs set up spots to dispense their products and services. 

“We ran a lot of marketing and social media stuff,” Davis said. “A lot of people came on board because they wanted a space that was uniquely theirs.”

People marched to the state capitol, where the event concluded. Davis said people from all backgrounds showed their support, which further empowered Black women who heard the message.

“The celebration of Black women is all inclusive, so I really appreciate that,” Davis said. “This year, I saw it’s more diverse than it was last year.”

The event will happen again next year, Davis said.