LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and law enforcement officials gave an update on public safety measures Wednesday afternoon.

Scott was joined by other city officials including Little Rock Police Assistant Chiefs Wayne Bewley and Heath Helton.

Bewley said that the trend in overall violent crime has dropped 1% from this time last year. Though the overall rate saw a decline, Bewley said that the homicide rate is up 37% from this time last year.

He also highlighted two unsolved homicides that happened over the weekend on South University Avenue and Hanger Hill.

Earlier this week, law enforcement officials received concerns from city leaders saying the department has had a lack of transparency in the recent shootings and homicides.

Bewley addressed the public’s concern saying that the department “needs and can do a better job.”

“We got to do a better job and we’re going to do a better job,” he said. “We have come together and put protocols in place to be more consistent and more timely.”

The police department also announced that a new mobile app will be released that will provide information to the public regarding crime.