LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — After a violent weekend in Little Rock with three people killed in three different homicides Mayor Frank Scott Jr. released a statement and a new proposal on combating the crime in the city.

Mayor Scott said in the statement that he will be proposing to the Little Rock Board of Directors that the city use at least $1 million of the American Rescue Plan Act funds for community violence intervention.

He notes in the statement that the city has also hired a social worker who will respond to issues that the city believes be better suited for a mental health professional. He said this person will work alongside officers to coordinate resources for residents who need them.

Mayor Scott noted in his statement that they will work to solve this problem of violence in Little Rock:

“Unfortunately, what’s happening in Little Rock is not unique. Many cities across the country are
experiencing increased violence. It’s shameful that we are losing so many youth to violence and street
life. For Little Rock and the families who call our community home, we can solve this problem. We will
solve this problem.”

Mayor Frank Scott Jr.