Little Rock Mayor vetoes scooter regulations

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – At the Little Rock Board of Directors meeting Tuesday, an ordinance focused on the popular Lime Scooters was vetoed.

The measure had been in the works for weeks and passed by popular vote last Tuesday, but Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. says it’s too restrictive.

A few proposed amendments were cited in the veto, one of which would require Lime to provide users with helmets, and another banning scooters in neighborhoods.

Scott also says the enforcement of these rules puts extra strain on LRPD officers. Now, Directors are back to square one. 

Downtown Little Rock has gotten used to the buzz of the bright green Lime scooters. But the Little Rock Board of Directors have been trying to hit the brakes by adding new rules for riders. 

“Is the money worth the increased risk, or my perception of the increased risk,” said Director Dean Kumpuris while presenting his proposed amendments to the board, “to the citizens of our community?” 

Last Tuesday, Directors unanimously voted to pass an ordinance regulating everything from helmet use to neighborhood limits. But tonight, Mayor Frank Scott, Jr. vetoed the measure, saying the amendments would do more harm than good. “Scooters are a quality of life amenity, and it’s imperative we set reasonable policy to attract more amenities to our city,” Scott said when announcing the veto. 

River Market riders weighed in on the proposal. “I think they should wait until the summer,” said Pierce Garry, who uses the scooters on his free time.

He thinks the rules generally have the right idea. “You have to be courteous to other people, you have to be considerate if they’re walking and looking out for cars.” But others say safety should be up to the user, not aboard. 

“If you know what you’re doing and are not…like intoxicated or whatever, just do the right thing,” said Jihad Capone.

While riders continue zooming like before, the Board of Directors are back at the starting line for controlling the controversial scooters.

This ordinance will be re-introduced to the Directors in the hope that leaders will be less restrictive, while also making sure riders stay safe. 

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