LITTLE ROCK, Ark – A Little Rock motorcyclist is in the hospital recovering after his family says he was involved in a hit and run over the weekend.

The family says this happened Saturday afternoon in the 5300 block of Baseline Road.

Monica Jennings says her husband, Michael, was out for a drive Saturday before his granddaughter’s birthday when he was hit.

“It was 2:45 and we were at the house, and he said, I’ll meet you at the birthday party at 4 o’clock,” said Jennings.

Jennings says she got a call from a family friend around 4 that afternoon. She says a driver came out of a nearby apartment complex, hit her husband and then ran off, leaving the car behind.

“A lot goes through your mind, a lot,” said Jennings. “He had just told me that day he was going to outlive me.”

Jennings says it was a wave of emotions when she finally saw her husband in the hospital 6 hours later.

Jennings says her husband Michael had a fractured face, scars above his eye, and was hooked up to a breathing machine.

“They are breathing for him,” said Jennings.

Jennings says her husband remains on life support at UAMS.

She says she is focused right now on her husband’s healing but is still demanding answers.

“It changed our lives forever, in just one instance,” said Jennings.

Jennings says the person that hit her husband is still on the run, hoping soon the person responsible is caught.

“I want him to know that I forgive him and to turn himself in,” said Jennings.

The family is asking anyone with any information to contact Little Rock Police.

Our station reached out to Little Rock Police for a suspect description and are waiting to hear back.