LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A number of key Little Rock history makers were honored Tuesday with a global service award for their efforts.

The Rotary Club of Little Rock honored members of the Little Rock Nine with the inaugural La Petite Roche Global Service Award, given to those around the world who have made a significant difference in their community and nation.

Five of the nine were able to attend in person to accept the honor, while the other surviving members joined virtually.

Elizabeth Eckford said of all the awards and honors she’s received, being granted one from her home is something special.

“I feel a special exhilaration because this is brought forth by local people,” she explained. “The award represents what effect we may have had globally but it’s especially meaningful to me.”

She added that it’s important to realize significant change doesn’t happen overnight but comes over long periods of time through meaningful acts that together make a difference.

Named after the original French name of the Little Rock area, this award is a partnership between the Rotary Club and the City and was granted at the Clinton Center.