Little Rock pastor writes a song to uplift and inspire people during COVID19

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — During the outbreak, we’ve seen several people come up with creative ideas.

One pastor in Little Rock is using his voice to uplift and encourage others during this uncertain time.

Drew Cline is the pastor at South City Church. He wrote and produced a song called, “Maker of the Waves”.

“Just like everyone else I’m struggling and I’m fearful at times and I’m wondering what the future is going to look like,” said Cline.

During the second week of the coronavirus, Pastor Cline says he thought about the story of Jesus in the book of Mark Chapter 4

“In the Chapter it says Who is this that the wind and waves obey him that story was on my heart and my mind,” said Cline.

The scripture inspired him to use his voice and create a virtual choir.

“I couldn’t help but think about the fact In the middle of this storm we are facing with the Coronavirus that God is in control,” said Cline.

Pastor Darius Nelson at Saint Mark Baptist Church and members of the choir joined the ensemble.

“I think it’s for people that are going through or having mental struggles dealing with this thing,” said Nelson.

The song has over 8,000 views and it’s been shared hundreds of times.

“The response has been overwhelming to the song and the message,” said Cline.

It’s a simple message that means a lot.

“God uses people to do things in an extraordinary way and I think that the collaboration the voices we brought together. I think it was a great kind of God send for this season that we are in right now,” said Nelson.

Pastor Cline says the song will soon be available on ITunes, Spotify and other outlets. All of the money raised will go to Arkansas Food Bank.

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