Little Rock pharmacy makes COVID-19 waiting list

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Several pharmacies are trying to be proactive for when they have enough COVID-19 vaccines available for additional rounds. 

Kavanaugh Pharmacy in Little Rock has started a waiting list and will notify people when they can make appointments for the vaccine. 

Owner and pharmacist Anne Pace said, “The phones have been ringing off the hook and so because people have heard that maybe we have a list that we have vaccine we did have vaccine we distribute it to those hospitals and so we don’t have any vaccine at the moment to give anyone.”

Their waiting list right now is an exclusive club, “If they are not a healthcare provider, a front line healthcare provider identified as somebody in that 1A or 1B group or over 65 we’re not making a list for those people at this point because it’s going to be much further down the line.”

Pace said that they have over 300 people currently on that list and when their pharmacy can start administering the vaccine they will work down their list accordingly.

Kavanaugh Pharmacy will require an appointment for when they start giving out the vaccine, “It is a new vaccine we are going to require people stay around for 10 to 15 minutes to make sure that there are no adverse immediate reactions to the vaccine.”

One thing that Pace wants to stress to people is patience.  She says they are relaying all the information to people as soon as they get it. 

She has been encouraging people to look at their website and their social media pages for any and all updates, especially concerning the availability of the vaccine, “There’s just an ever-changing daily changing scenario it seems like and so based on Department of health and their directors that they are getting from CDC in ACIP and it is just frustrating because I can’t really give anybody any more information and I’m just kind of at this point being honest and we just don’t know and so as soon as we know will try to provide that information as best as possible.”

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