LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Little Rock Police Department is stepping up its crime-fighting capabilities.

The department announced on Tuesday that it will be moving forward with the next phase of its real-time crime center.

The center uses advanced technology and cutting-edge software to improve efficiency and accuracy when it comes to getting real-time information to officers in the field.

The next phase of the operation, dubbed “Connect Little Rock”, will allow the center to integrate with local businesses and homeowners by using their security systems to help solve crimes.

“When you look at the aspect of increasing public safety having community buy-in is a huge part in that and being able to partner with businesses,” LRPD Sgt. Troy Dillard said.

The department ensures that the public’s surveillance cameras will not be monitored 24/7. The program will simply be a registry so that police can reach out to individuals to access cameras if there is a crime at that location.

It is voluntary to sign up. You can go to to register.