Local church trading in holy water for hand sanitizer to fight the flu

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- A Little Rock church is trading in the holy water for hand sanitizer in an effort to keep their congregation flu-free.

“We’ll have anywhere from 180 to 190 people here tonight for chapel,” said Pastor William Holloway, Little Rock Compassion Center.

Wednesday night, as parishioners listen to the hymn from Pastor William Holloway at the Little Rock Compassion Center, most of them have no idea what happened behind the scenes for them to sit in a flu-free zone.

Every surface in the chapel is disinfected three times a day.

“Well in this environment where we’re packed in here all together in the same room and stuff like that I think it spreads pretty quickly,” said Pastor Holloway.

Nearly 200 people praying in the pews at church and all of them had their hands sanitized before being able to walk through the doors.

“When you come in here you’re going to get your hands washed,” said Pastor Holloway.

Pastor Holloway said it’s not just extra cleaning and hand sanitizer that has helped keep the flu at bay.

“We’ve stopped communion because you pass the germs on one to the other as your taking from the wine and stuff like that,” said Pastor Holloway.

All changes that manager Melissa Caulder said, need to happen so the church-goers can continue clapping in the congregation.

“Last year, we had a lot of people that were coughing all during the service and it would be distracting. Not near- not near as much this year,” said Melissa Caulder, Kitchen Manager.

Caulder said last year, 25 people had the flu, this year that number is down to seven.

These parishioners are keeping the faith while keeping germ free.

“We just wanted to get a jump on things to try and nip it in the bud before it got worse and it worked,” said Caulder.

Holloway said thanks to the three gallons of hand sanitizer and lots of bleach the number of flu cases has been cut in half.

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