LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The I-30 Speedway in Little Rock will host its final race Saturday.

Owner Tracey Clay said she anticipates this weekend to be an emotional sendoff for the decades-old track.

“These drivers and fans give up their weekends just like I have,” Clay said.

“It’s just time to do [something else.] Thankfully, I’m healthy enough and young enough that I can go do what I want now.”

Clay said she agreed to sell the property to a developer. City documents show the online car auction company Copart will buy the I-30 Speedway.

Clay said she anticipates Saturday’s race to be a big one. She plans to give a speech thanking the racing community for their support since she and her father bought the race track in 1987.

“[There will be] lots of tears, lots of tears,” Clay said. “Tears of joy, but lots of tears.”

Clay said she does not know what she will do next, but she does not plan to stay retired. She said she will continue to stay connected to racing and hopes fans support other tracks across the state. “I love y’all,” Clay said. “Thank you for the support. God bless.”