Louisiana family returns home after fleeing to Arkansas

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CONWAY, Ark. — After 10 days in the natural state, a Louisiana family returned to a hurricane, ravaged home.

The family left their home in Louisiana to travel to Conway, Arkansas for safety and help, and now that they made it home they’re looking for some type of assistance.

“I have to rebuild all over again, I gotta start from scratch,” Louisiana evacuee, Kayshawn Ford said, “I mean we totally lost everything.” 

Ford said the most emotional part was seeing her daughter’s room because of the severe damage.

“Once we physically walked in the house that’s when I noticed that the situation wasn’t a good situation for me and my kids,” Ford said. 

Her daughter is disabled and was one of the biggest reasons Ford said she decided to evacuate ahead of the storm. 

Ford is from Marrero, Louisiana — which is about 11 miles outside of New Orleans.

“From looking at things, if I would’ve tried to stay in the house and ride this storm out, we probably wouldn’t be talking right now,” Ford said. 

Later she was able to get some food and a hotel room for several days, but she said things are way more chaotic in Louisiana, there’s a curfew, no power, spotty cell phone service and it’s pitch black as soon as the sun goes down.

“The shelters is all packed down here,” Ford said, “When they asked my daughter, my child’s situation we can’t go in the shelter with her living conditions, her medicinal condition.”

Now she’s trying to figure out what to do next. 

“It took us two hours to find somewhere to stay, some of us was able to find hotels, some of us wasn’t,” Ford said, “Majority of us adults we put the kids in the rooms and we sleep in the cars.”

Ford said she called FEMA but was told she needed an inspection to deem the house a total loss and inspectors haven’t gotten back to her yet. Until then she’s trying to find money to continue to help her and her family stay somewhere else. 

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