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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A Central Arkansas police department is trying to trim away the stigma when it comes to law enforcement and the community.

All Pro Styles on West 12th Street and Kanis in Little Rock was packed with people diving into deep conversations with officers Saturday. This was a part of the Chop It Up with a Cop event. 

Little Rock Police said knowledge is power and by having these tough conversations in safe places like barbershops they hope they can bridge the gap.

When you walk into a Barbershop, like All Pro Styles in Little Rock, it’s a place to get comfortable.

“A lot of actual conversations go on,” LRPD Cheif Keith Humphrey said. 

Its like the heart of the community, a place where people talk and listen. This weekend the focus shifted from clippers to cops answering questions.

“There’s some myths and there’s some unknowns, so any time we can come in and answer questions,” Humphrey said. “Open dialogue without any restrictions I think it starts healing…  and then people know they can trust police.”

Little Rock police spent hours chopping it up with community members. 

“It’s not always about them learning from us, we learn from these citizens. We just learned today that we can do a better job of promoting the things we do,” Humphrey said. 

The topics went deeper than just promotion.

“We heard one of the people here was concerned about his younger step sons, they live in the 12th street area and he’s worried about how crime,” All Pro Styles Owner, Jacob Profit said.

Humphrey said with everything going on in the world, this is the perfect time to talk.

“I wanted to dress down and let the citizens know that I’m a real person,” Humphrey said. 

There were serious, light-hearted and funny conversations, along with introductions. 

“This is very informational, very valuable,” Humphrey said. 

The conversations also had kids alert and asking questions too. All the information learned doesn’t just stop here, it will be shared with people who couldn’t make it Saturday. 

“Every kid in here was just in awe because they understand what’s happening number one but they’re also getting an understanding of how to actually relate to issues,” Profit said. 

Humphrey said he plans to continue to have events like this and there are even talks of having something else in a beauty shop. The shop also hopes to have more events like this. 

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