LR community comes together; prays for victims in New Zealand mosque attack

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-It’s been less than two weeks since 50 people tragically lost their lives while praying at two separate New Zealand mosques.

The attack prompted people to come together as one.

The Islamic Center of Little Rock held a prayer for peace at the State Captiol on Sunday.

People said no matter what no one should have to experience a tragic death like New Zealand.

From mass shootings in the mall, schools and now places of worship people said the violence and hate need to stop.

More than a hundred people gathered on the steps on the State Capitol.

“I just think it’s really important for us to stand together,” Donna Drury said.

Some people held signs with powerful messages. 13-year-old Sundus Shabn said it’s important to speak justice.

“If you’re not going to do something good or speak anything good or if you’re not going to stand, then you might as well not do anything,” Shabn said.

The Islamic Center of Little Rock and the Madina Institute held a prayer for peace.

“I think that there is so many people in the Muslim community, the Jewish community and the minority communities are feeling some fear, who feel isolated, attacked and really saddened,” Dr. Tariq said.

They remembered the people who lost their lives while praying at a Mosque in Chirstchurch, New Zealand.

“I can’t even understand how that could of happened,” Drury said.

They also prayed for people who were killed because of their race, religion and preference.

“What we have to do is try to encourage people in a collective spirit to do the benefit of prayer,” Johnny Hasan said.

People said the violence needs to stop.

“Our leaders have to change the rhetoric, the language they’re using. Our leaders have to change the conversation we are having as a nation,” Dr. Tariq said.

“I want a world where everybody is valued. I want to stand with my brothers of all faiths,” Drury said.

Organizers also said at the end of the day no religion calls for killing of any innocent people.

At Sunday’s event, speakers also called the names of each victim.

The youngest was a three year old boy and the oldest was man who was 77-years-old.

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