LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Little Rock Police are investigating after a man is injured in a shooting Wednesday morning. 

Little Rock Police say Micah Stafford, 30 of Little Rock, flagged down officers and told them Tre Harris, 21 of Little Rock, tried to rob him. 

Stafford, who works as a clerk at the Exxon on the 10700 block of W. Markham Street, told investigators Harris first asked him for change outside of the gas station before the robbery attempt. 

According to the report, an officer found a black Glock Model 21 handgun in Stafford’s waistband.

A witness told police while he was walking on Shackleford Road, he saw a vehicle speed out of the Exxon parking lot, crossed W. Markham, hit the curb and then a pillar at the FedEx building.    

According to the police report, the officer found Harris in the driver’s seat with blood on his clothing and in visible pain. The officer also found a Ruger revolver laying in Harris’ lap, the report states. Harris was taken to a local hospital.

According to the report, Stafford was also taken into custody. Little Rock Police say it will be up to the prosecutor if Stafford will face any charges.