LR woman says thieves ransacked her home twice in a week

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-“I’m dumbfounded right now, but I’m grateful to God but I’m dumbfounded right now this is just devastating,” Marshall said.
A Little Rock woman says thieves broke into her home twice this week. They took everything she had leaving behind a big mess. Lula Marshall says back in February a tree fell on her home.
Marshall stayed at a hotel until her house could get fixed. She says she checked on her house everyday, but earlier this week a man approached her about cutting her grass.
She says she gave him $15 dollars to do it and he left.
Marshall says she believes the same man who cut her grass is the same person who ransacked through her home.
She says she feels violated and angry that someone would steal everything she has worked for and now she’s left trying to pick up the pieces.
Marshall’s lives on Point O’ Wood Drive in Little Rock. Her home is full of trash.
“It’s not even like human being lived her,” Marshall said.
“It’s like you had an Army, Germany camp and you blew it to pieces,” Marshall said.
Marshall said someone broke into her home Thursday morning.
“They took tree clippers that the man said he was going to cut our yard with and clipped all the back doors and locks off with,” Marshall said.
She said the same thing happened again Saturday night.
“They had the audacity to come back last night through roof,” Marshall said.
“Our minks, our flat screens and TV’s I mean everything this is our home this doesn’t even feel like our home no more,” Marshall said.
The culprits even got comfortable.
“They at down in someone house drunk 24 wine coolers my Lord my God,” Marshall said.
She called Little Rock Police, but  Marshall’s daughter Kristy Ikanih hopes LRPD’s new chief will bring about change.
“We have got to do something to get community oriented policing and a better strategy in Little Rock,” Ikanih said.
When it comes to cleaning up Marshall doesn’t know where to start.
“This is almost worst than people taking a gun and putting it up to your head and killing you,” Marshall said. 
She had a message for the people responsible.
“I forgive you but you will be punished,” Marshall said.
Marshall said she told neighbors about the break ins and they didn’t see or hear anything.
She says contractors will continue to work on her home but she’s not sure what to do next once the repairs are complete.

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