LRPD Chief: Relationships prevented numerous crime incidents from happening

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Chief Keith Humphrey has been the top cop in Little Rock for 100 days.

“There’s a lot of passion internally and externally. People just want the best for this city,” says Chief Humphrey.

Chief Humphrey says he first wanted to know the pulse of the department and community.

He says the Little Rock Police Department is in a transition state and wants Little Rock to be the safest city in the state.

“You have to sit down and be able to listen to cold hard facts. It’s not always going to be pretty. I found that out early,” he says. “We serve a very diverse community and that diverse community is going to get top notch quality service, period, point blank.”

Last year, Kenton Buckner, expressed concerns in his final days as chief.

“The most frustrating was the racial tension both inside and outside the police agency,” said Buckner in 2018.

Chief Humphrey says he believes racial tensions can be everywhere, not just Little Rock.

“It’s not blatant. What I mean by that is all the staff works so closely together. I think a lot of it is historical, perception, some of it is reality,” he adds.

Chief Humphrey couldn’t be specific but says LRPD’s growing relationships has stopped crime from happening.

“Based on intelligence in our community and involvement we have prevented numerous incidents from occurring,” he continues.

Little Rock Police met with some clergy earlier this week to discuss problems in the city as Chief Humphrey finds the root problems.

LRPD has seen a six percent decrease in violent crime and an 80 percent clearance rate in homicides.

“You have a chief here that will dig down not just because what it says on the surface but my concern and my responsibility is to dig down and what is the source,” he says.

Chief Keith Humphrey at a LRPD event

Humphrey, who’s becoming known for his style, says he’s trying to bridge the gap with his own touch in the community he now serves.

“The title chief doesn’t define who I am. I am a person first. I was always raised that way,” he says.

Chief Humphrey says getting to know people is the first step to finding the source of issues.

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