LRPD Chief sued for $30K+ in unpaid credit card bills

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.  Little Rock’s Police Chief is facing some hot water with his personal finances. 

Court records show Chief Keith Humphrey defaulted on three credit cards and been sued for more than $30,000 in delinquent credit card bills. 

Humphrey was sworn in as Chief in April 2019. Before he was put on Little Rock’s payroll, Humphrey was required to go through all the needed background checks which includes a financial disclosure. 

Only 10 days after Humphrey was sworn in, two separate lawsuits were filed by creditors.

One was filed by American Express National Bank, alleging Humphrey owed $19,060.04. A judge later ruled Humphrey had to pay back the money, but if he followed a payment schedule the total owed would be reduced to $10,680. 

The other lawsuit was filed by the First National Bank of Omaha. It claimed Humphrey owed $7,976.01. When that case close, the judge also offered a payment plan deal where Humphrey would be required to pay $5,584. 

While Humphrey was facing both of those cases, American Express sued for another card saying Humphrey owed $15,870.94. That case is still pending. 

Kathy Webb was the only city director who returned our calls. Webb said she only found out about the lawsuits “recently” and just started asking questions. 

A spokesperson for the city said Human Relations was made aware of the debt settlement program when he was a candidate for Chief. 

Requests for comment from Mayor Frank Scott Jr. have not been returned. 

Humphrey sent Fox 16 the following statement:

Police Chief Humphrey’s statement:

April 15, 2019 I was sworn in as the City of Little Rock’s 38th Chief of Police.  I promised the citizens honesty and transparency.  The recent information regarding a credit settlement agreement that was made between me and three creditors was made public. Knowing that this was an open public record that can be located by anyone. There was no reason for me to attempt to keep this information hidden.

Here is a time line of what occurred:

October 2018, an attorney begin negotiations with three credit card companies.  This was due to a private family matter in which I assumed full responsibility instead of pursuing criminal actions.

February 15, 2019 I completed and signed a waiver provided by the city allowing both a credit and background check to be conducted.  I attached a letter to the waiver explaining my settlement negotiations.  Both documents were emailed to the city on the same date. At this time negotiations were still ongoing.

April 25, 2019 I received and signed the document acknowledging my agreement of the settlement and receipt of the final document . This was 10 days after being sworn in as chief.  The address on the document did show my Oklahoma address.  I believe the document was actually filed in August 2019.  This document was sent to me electronically.  Because I was officially living in Little Rock.

As I have stated, since October 2018 I had been in negotiations with these creditors to settle this debt.  Finally an agreed amount was established.  The documents filed in the courts are standard to ensure that the settle agreement is honored.

In closing, at no time did I refuse to pay the listed creditors. I am the one who took responsibility for this debt.  That is why my name is the only one listed on the settlement documents.

At this time I have no further comments.

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