LRPD searching for wanted youth pastor in 2013 sexual assault investigation

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Little Rock Police Department (LRPD) are searching for a man accused of sexually abusing two boys in 2013.

LRPD were called to the 700 block of W Markham for a sexual abuse report.

Officers spoke with a victim that told them in 2013 he was sexually assaulted by 34-year-old Edgar Lopez Mejia.

Mejia and the victim both attended Casa De Oracion located at Stagecoach and Crystal Valley.

The victim told an officer that Mejia was very liked by the people of the church, especially the kids.

Mejia served as a youth pastor at the church.

The victim told police he trusted Mejia and Mejia had a big influence on him.

Police say Mejia went to the victims parents and asked them if the victim could help him learn English due to Mejia knowing very little English.

The parents agreed and allowed him to receive help, they also let Mejia begin to pick up their son regularly from the house.

Police say the victim told them the first incident happened while he and Mejia were riding in Mejia’s car. Mejia pulled into a Burger King and told the victim to go to the restroom.

According to the report the victim followed him into the restroom and Mejia pulled his pants down, and began performing oral sex on him for approximately 5 minutes and they left.

The victim told police later in the same month, Mejia picked him up again from his home, and took him to his own house in the John Barrow residential area. The victim told police they were the only ones in the home.

According to the report Mejia pulled down the victims pants and began to perform oral sex on him for approximately 20-30 minutes. The victim told police it was early in the afternoon.

The victim told police they were communicating through Facebook and sometimes through text. The victim said he has not heard or seen Mejia since 2014.

Officers then spoke with another victim who told officers that in October of 2013, Mejia sexually assaulted him too.

The victim told officers he met Mejia at the same church as the first victim.

Mejia asked his parents if he could teach him how to drive. Mejia began to pick up the boy from his house.

According to police the victim said one day, Mejia picked him up and began teaching him how to drive. Mejia drove them into the east side entrance of Boyle Park and parked by the pavilions.

The victim told police Mejia unzipped his pants and began fondling with his genitals.

According to the report the victim told Mejia he was uncomfortable and after that Mejia took a picture of the victims genitals and then took him home.

Police say the victim and Mejia did more driving lessons, but that this was the only sexual act.

The first victim told police he had been suffering from depression for the last couple of years, and the only way to cope with his experience was to drink alcohol. The victim told police he was drunk last night (3/5/2020) when he told his sister about the incident.

The victim then told his family and they told him to go to police.

The first victim and the second victim are cousins.

The second victim said he heard the news of what happened to his cousin and decided to come forward with his report as well.

If you know the whereabouts of Edgar Lopez Mejia you are asked to contact the Little Rock Police Department.

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