Man arrested dozens of times, neighbors say he’s still stealing from them

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Neighbors in the Stifft Station area and Capitol View neighborhood are on the lookout for a man, they say continues to steal from homes.

We’ve talked about this man before because he has been arrested dozens of times and still ends up on the streets.

Neighbors say Kevin Walker is well known around the community. Many said they don’t even bother calling police anymore, they just chase him down and get their stuff back.

“He does try to chase him off every time we see him on our street,” said Vickie Willis, Homeowner.

Vickie Willis, her husband and their dog keep a close eye on the neighborhood and look out for the frequent visitor.

“My husband definitely knows who he is,” said Willis.

Kevin Walker is a name that comes up often on the Nextdoor app.

We have surveillance videos of Walker from two years ago, and neighbors say nothing has changed.

Community members have said they have seen Walker this week with his arms full walking down the street.

“They post his picture and they’ve seen him or chased him off and have seen him taking things and with different items in his hands and things like that,” said Willia.

Court records show more than 80 cases involving Walker. Those ranging from public intoxication to theft and terroristic threatening.

“Its definitely concerning and seems like something should be done,” said Willis.

One of his most recent arrests happened two weeks ago at the Walgreens on Markham, according to Little Rock Police.

The report shows Walker had been banned from the shop and left with unpaid items.

police say he had a previous warrant so he was taken to Pulaski County Jail.

“I think there’s a problem in the system, I don’t know, try to rehabilitate him or get him in a shelter or something,” said Willis.

Until then, Willis says their neighborhood will continue to look out for one another.

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